Reportable Employer Super Contributions

The government made significant changes to the way income was recorded and tested. These changes mean the certain employer super contributions are now included on an employees payment summaries. These changes are referred to as RESC – Reportable employer Superannuation Contributions. Other changes relate to the way income is tested for certain tax offsets and means testing for benefits like the baby bonus.

Reportable Employer Super Contributions

Is an amount contributed to a super fund on behalf of an individual during the income year where the individual has had influence to determine the size of the contributions or the way the amount is contributed.

Who qualifies for RESCs?
  • Employers making salary sacrificed contributions in accordance with an arrangement.
  • These contributions are required to be made on a quarterly basis up to $40,170 (09/10 yr)
  • Or employers making contributions under an employment contract or agreement – any contributions that exceed the 9% SG contribution.
What doesn’t Qualify for RESCs
  • Contributions under an industrial award
  • Additional contributions made for administrative or other reasons
  • Contributions made by members from the accessible income.

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