Discounted launch of ‘Intuit’

Figureworks Australia are launching a new cloud based accounting package called Intuit. Being ‘cloud’ based (hosted over the internet), it can be accessed through the internet from any computer at any time. Bank feeds automatically update in the program reduces data entry work and hence management fees.

Because Intuit was once associated with Quickbooks, there is often confusion between them. Intuit is now fully separate from Quickbooks and Reckon.


As part of the launch of their new system, Intuit are running a promotion.

As part of this, we convert bookkeeping files from any other package for free and the ongoing subscription fee is an incredibly low $4.99 per month. It’s a big bargain and only available for the next three months!


There are many benefits of Intuit over Zero (a popular cloud based system for which we also provide support). Primarily it offers superior reporting functionality. Intuit can provide a greater variety of reports with the ability to filter results to and pick through the fine details.

There are add-ons for payroll and inventory and the whole system is immediately updated as the software improves.


For anyone considering changing their bookkeeping system, the staff at Figureworks Australia highly recommend Intuit, especially with this special deal.

For more information, contact us.

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