We believe an informed client makes better choices.

A personal tailored to you one-on-one training session in your own accounting software working on your own business can be far more beneficial and cost effective than classroom or packaged training that may cover many areas irrelevant to your business wasting your time teaching you many areas of the software you will never use. For client based in Melbourne, training can be delivered onsite

Remote training

We will log onto your computer remotely using the highest security remote desktop application Team Viewer Security and conduct the training with you over the phone while we work together on your own computer in your own office going over all the areas that you choose to have covered in the training at a time that best suits you.

See our training packages or request a package tailored specifically for you.


Ongoing evaluation, advice & training.

We don’t just do a training session and leave you with it. Here are some examples of the ongoing support we offer:

  1. Log in access to our resources where you will find answers to the issues that may come up for you.
  2. Subscribe to our free email updates. We will send you regular tips and tricks relevant to your software along with important information on patches that may need to be installed that have been issued by your software provider.
  3. Email support. Rather than spending hours trying to figure a problem out, send us a quick email. We may have an easy answer or can point you in the right direction. Remember, no question is too silly.